New York City is home to the largest Jewish community in the US, and according to the UJA-Federation of New York’s 2011 community study, we are more diverse than ever before. Elderly Russians in Brighton Beach. Lower East Side hipsters. Chasidic Jews in Borough Park. LGBT congregations. We are young and old, poor and wealthy, native New Yorkers and recent immigrants. We are multiracial and multiethnic. We are Chasidic, Yeshivish, Modern Orthodox, traditional, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Renewal, non-denominational, post-denominational, secular, and “Jew-ish.”

And You Shall Tell explores the diversity of Jewish New York through portrait photography and oral history. We aim to bridge the differences between Jewish communities through storytelling. Check out pictures from some of our most recent storyslam events!

Sometimes we also try to think about how we can provide the stories behind changing demographic points and a platform to share them, especially for those who are thinking, doing, and being Jewish in different ways.

Rachel Smith – Founder

Headshot for websiteAnd You Shall Tell draws on Rachel’s academic background in anthropology + oral history, in addition to her experience in the non-profit education sector. It combines her interest in ethnography and Jewish diversity with her great love for the city. She also just enjoys good story.

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